The MEAT token

Important: always verify you are buying the correct MEAT token. It's very common for scammers to make copycat tokens with the same name as real projects with the hope someone will actually buy it.
MEAT is our new token. It will be needed to purchase the new beef Cows, together with USDC.
A total supply of 1.000.000 tokens will be minted.
The new token will bring a buy and a sell tax. And will be explained in the Fees and Taxes section.
As the dev wallet won't be receiving fees this time, a small allocation of the token will be held to pay for server costs, marketing fees, moderators and staff.
As our token has a buy and sell tax, make sure to set a big enough slippage when buying and selling: BUY: 6%+ SELL: 25%+, depending on the amount of MEAT you are selling, you might need to increase it to 35-40%.