How Dividends work

To explain how dividends work, imagine the following situation: the platform totals 5.000 cows, divided like so:
3000 Braford = 3000 shares
1500 Angus = 3000 shares
500 Kobe = 2000 shares
Total shares = 8000 shares
Now, imagine a day with 10k MEAT sold, at a hypothetical price of $10. 15% of this goes to the dividend pool, so $15k in USDC. Each share is worth $1.875. If you own 1 Angus and 1 Kobe, your share of the dividends pool would be $11.25. This varies, depending on the current amount of cows alive in the slaughterhouse, how many cows are bought, and how much MEAT is bought and sold on the market. Each of these 3 actions generates dividends to be distributed.