Cows and Yield-Farming

Claiming MEAT rewards Slaughters your cows.
There will be 3 cow tiers, producing a different return and having a shared weight for distribution of dividends.
Differently than before, we are trying to rid the platform of constant sell pressure.
It is possible to claim only once, after which the cows are slaughtered.
To compensate for this drastic change, we are introducing a new functionality. Each cow you own will give you a share of collected fees from token trading, as well as from cow purchases.
Each cow will have a specific share value, explained below. You will have the ability to claim dividends, paid in USDC, without slaughtering your cows.
An additional dynamic is that you'll get back part of what you paid for your cows when you claim. Braford will give back 3 MEAT, ANGUS will give back 7.5 MEAT, KOBE will give back 15 MEAT.
The only way to get new cows is by buying new ones and helping the ecosystem, compounding won't be an option as it was before.
Cow tiers are:
  • BRAFORD : produces 0.3 MEAT per day, costs 10 MEAT + 100 USDC, is worth 1 share
  • ANGUS : produces 1.0 MEAT per day, costs 25 MEAT + 250 USDC, is worth 2 shares
  • KOBE : produces 2.5 MEAT per day, costs 50 MEAT + 500 USDC, is worth 4 shares.
Each COW is associated with one wallet address and only one. It cannot be transferred to another wallet address.